Cabling & Fiber

State-Of-The-Art Installations.

Through extensive expertise and problem solving, Ramapo Communication has become an industry leader in backhaul construction. In addition to our extensive experience, our team is constantly learning new technologies and looking toward the future to handle the constant increase in consumer demand.

Our backhaul services include:

  • Fiber and Cabling-Design Walks and Audits
  • In-house electrical and civil crews provide the services for AAV, FTTCS installation
  • SIAD/MUX/NID Installation
  • Purcell and Valere Cabinets
  • Fiber and Battery Racks
  • Microwave – crews available
  • Site Prep/Civil/Electric
  • Point to Point, Multi Point and T1 Installations
  • Line of Sight Audits
  • Dish and Radio Installations
  • Testing- Z Band Training