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At Ramapo Communication Corp, we are dedicated to serving a broad spectrum of clients, including client customers, service providers, and government entities. Our commitment extends to delivering top-tier strategic guidance, innovative design solutions, flawless execution, and comprehensive program management to meet the unique needs of each sector we engage with.



Directional Drilling

Fiber System

Our Directional Drilling services are at the forefront of modern telecommunications infrastructure installation. We specialize in the precise and non-invasive drilling of underground pathways for cables and utilities, ensuring minimal disruption to the environment. Count on us to create reliable connections beneath the surface.

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Our Fiber System solutions encompass the design, installation, and maintenance of cutting-edge fiber optic networks. These networks are the lifelines of modern communication, and our teams are dedicated to creating robust and high-performance systems that enable seamless connectivity.

Rock Sawing

Trenching Operations

Vibratory Plow

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When faced with challenging terrains and rocky landscapes, our Rock Sawing expertise shines. We employ powerful machinery to cut through solid rock, creating pathways for cables and utilities. Trust us to overcome obstacles and deliver dependable results even in the most rugged environments.

The Vibratory Plow is a key tool in our arsenal for laying cables and utilities underground. With its ability to minimize ground disruption, this equipment is ideal for projects where preservation of the surface is paramount. Our skilled teams are proficient in utilizing Vibratory Plows to ensure efficient, underground infrastructure.

Trenching Operations represent the backbone of our excavation capabilities. Our expert teams utilize cutting-edge equipment and techniques to dig trenches for utility placement with precision and efficiency. We ensure that every trench meets industry standards for safety and reliability.

Building Fiber Engineering is a specialized service we offer to ensure that businesses, residences, and institutions have access to high-speed, reliable fiber optic connections. Our expert engineers work closely with clients to design and implement customized solutions that meet their unique connectivity needs.

Building Fiber Engineering & Design



New Site/Tower Builds

Rooftop: Antenna & Line

Elevate your connectivity with our New Site Builds service. From concept to creation, we specialize in transforming spaces into fully operational telecommunications hubs, ensuring seamless connectivity where it matters most.

Take your network to the top with our Rooftop service. We expertly install and maintain antenna systems on rooftops, delivering uninterrupted wireless coverage for urban environments and beyond.

Structural Modifications

Microwave Installation

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Propel your data transmission with our Microwave Installation service. We specialize in the precise deployment of microwave systems, facilitating high-speed connectivity for reliable telecommunications.

Strengthen your infrastructure with our Structural Modifications service. Our experienced team ensures the safety and stability of towers and structures through precise reinforcement, repair, and modification.


Safely retire old infrastructure with our Decommissioning service. We handle the dismantling, disposal, and site restoration with care, providing an environmentally responsible approach to end-of-life equipment.

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Small Cell Services

Power up with our Battery/Radio service. We install and maintain essential power and radio equipment, ensuring your systems stay connected and operational in any situation.

Navigate high-density areas seamlessly with our Small Cell Services. We design and install small cell solutions, enhancing network capacity for businesses and residents in urban environments.

Antenna Swaps

Electrical/Civil Services

Power and precision define our Electrical/Civil Services. From electrical system installation to civil engineering expertise, we ensure the safety and efficiency of your telecommunications infrastructure.

Upgrade and optimize with our Antenna Swaps service. Our skilled team efficiently removes and replaces antennas, improving signal quality and coverage to keep your network at its best.



EV Charging Station Installation

Battery Installation

Drive the future with our EV Charging Station Installation service. We specialize in the seamless installation of electric vehicle charging stations, empowering businesses and communities to embrace sustainable transportation solutions.

Unleash reliable power with our Battery Installation service. We expertly install cutting-edge battery systems, providing a robust and sustainable energy solution for various applications.

Install Booster Pumps

Install Transfer Switches

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Seamlessly transition between power sources with our Install Transfer Switches service. We ensure your facility stays connected by professionally installing transfer switches for efficient power management.

Boost your water supply with our Install Booster Pumps service. We expertly install pumps to enhance water pressure, ensuring optimal performance for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Commission Generator

Power Upgrades

Elevate your power infrastructure with our Power Upgrades service. Whether it's increasing capacity or enhancing efficiency, we provide comprehensive upgrades to meet the growing demands of your electrical system.

Ensure reliability with our Commission Generator service. We expertly commission generators, verifying their functionality and performance to guarantee a seamless power supply when you need it most.

Generator Maintenance

Generator Refueling

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Stay powered around the clock with our Generator Refueling service. We offer timely and efficient refueling solutions to keep your generators running smoothly, providing a continuous and reliable power source.

Protect your investment with our Generator Maintenance service. Our skilled technicians provide routine maintenance, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your generators for uninterrupted power supply.

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